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This week’s cameo blogger is Sofia B.! Sofia was one of my Biology students two years ago and I remember how engaged and involved she was during our Biotech Unit where they investigated a mystery and also acted as genetic counselors for a couple expecting a child.  Sofia really likes to get to the bottom of a problem and find a solution – she is a wonderful asset to a science classroom. Please check out her overview of our class last week and feel free to comment on her website!


This week, my class and I learned about the Basics of Tissue Injury. There are four types of tissue: nervous, connective, muscle, and Epithelium. The nervous tissues create reactions throughout the body. The connective tissues store nutrients and protect our organs. Our organs are also supported with this tissue. Ligaments and tendons protect joints and bones (plus the muscles connected). The Muscle Tissues help with bodily movement. They move waste, food, and blood through the body organs and are even responsible for the body’s mechanical digestion (the action of chewing)! The Epithelium Tissues protect us from bacteria and other matter by being our skin! Our muscles in our stomach help absorb food and nutrients with these tissues. The kidney is an example of an Epithelium Tissue, it filters waste.

Whenever you get an open wound, for example, a gash on your arm, you have to go through three stages of…

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