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This week’s Cameo Blog Post is from Juliana B.! Juliana’s recap of our week includes a Neurotransmitter Lab (gone wrong…) and info about our current design thinking project on concussions in youth sports – she has a fantastic idea!  Please check out her overview of our class last week and feel free to comment on her website!

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During the week of February 22-March 1 my class focused on our neurotransmitter lab and our design thinking projects on concussions. During our class on Tuesday, we were planning on completing our neurotransmitter labs however we could not get the technology to cooperate. Even though we could not do the labs ourselves I gained some valuable knowledge. I learned that tThe agonist is the muscle that contracts and causes movement, while the antagonist is the one that relaxes.I also earned that your triceps and biceps can either be the antagonist or the agonist depending on how you move your arm. For example, during a pushup, when you are pushing up your bicep is the antagonist, while your triceps are the agonists. However when you push down during a push up it is the other way around, your bicep is the agonist and your triceps are the antagonists.

The next big…

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Class Cameo 1.25.16-2.2.16

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Last week’s Cameo Blog Post is from Mia C.! Mia covers the basics of the Nervous System and touches on two topics we covered; the first full-time female NFL coach and the connection between exercise and brain health. Please check out her overview of our class last week and feel free to comment on her website!

Sports Medicine

Hello all! It’s my turn to be updating you all during the week of January 25th, 2016. Although we did not have a class meeting this week, we did cover a lot of information. We just wrapped up chapter 5, which was all about the digestive system and we also learned about nutrition, as well. Heading into chapter 6, we started learning about the nervous system and the brain! We just started covering the basics of the nervous system with this concept map:


We also read an article, “Is the NFL’s First Female Coach a Game-Changer?”, and it was about the Buffalo Bills have hired the first full-time female coach in NFL history, who is Kathryn Smith. You can read more about the article here.

I think it is definitely a game changer because this allows for true diversity in our society and shows that females…

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