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This week’s cameo blogger is Juliana B.!  It has been wonderful having Juliana as a student again and seeing how much she has grown as a student in just two years.  Juliana’s cameo blog talks about our recent investigation of heart disease in women, be sure to check out her investigation on smoking and heart disease in her Heart Disease Project post as well! She also discusses the culmination of our semester project on occupations related to Sports Medicine. Please check out her overview of our class last week and feel free to comment on her website!

Sports Medicine

This week (November 30-December 8) we had one class meeting. During the class meeting on December 1, we did peer reviews on our Heart Disease Project. We reviewed two of our classmates projects by filling out a rubric for their project and giving them constructive comments. It was helpful to have another person look at my project and give me some advice. I also thought it was fun to see my classmates ideas. Both of the people’s blogs that I reviewed were super good, and I learned a lot!

IMG_2564 the rubric we used during the peer edit

After the peer review, Mrs. Kahn explained what our final project for the semester would be. Our final projects are based on our job shadowing experience. We have to create a presentation that describes the job we shadowed in detail so that others can get a good idea of what the job…

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Cameo Blogger

This week’s cameo blogger is Krystal M.! This is the second time I have had the opportunity to teach Krystal, she is one of my past Biology students.  I love have students for a second time and seeing how much they have grown in just a year or two.  Krystal has an interest and knack for human anatomy and is very collaborative when it comes to group work. Please check out her overview of our class last week and feel free to comment on her website!

Krystal's Sports Med Discoveries

After wrapping Unit 3 on the cardiovascular system and cells we completed the unit 3 exam and have finally moved onto unit 4. This week in our sports medicine class we are learning about the circulatory system, parts of the blood, and the anatomy of the heart.  This week we also completed an assignment about the benefits of playing on artificial turf versus playing on real grass.  We learned how popular artificial turf is but we also discovered the dangers of playing on it as well. The circulatory system is the part of our body that carries all the blood. This is a very important part of human anatomy and I look forward to learning more about this topic and further exploring human anatomy.  This week we are also wrapping up our job shadowing hours. Over the past couple of weeks, we have had opportunities to shadow people with professions…

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Class Blog Cameo

Cameo Blogger

This week’s cameo blogger is Tiffany E.! I’ve had the pleasure of teaching Tiffany in Biology 2 years ago and now she is one of my Sports Medicine students. I can remember that even as a Sophomore, Tiffany had a passion for life science, and more specifically, wanted to pursue a career in the medical field. Now as a senior, she still has a strong drive to achieve her goals and it is wonderful to guide her through this experience! Please check out her overview of our class last week and feel free to comment on her website!


This week, we focused mostly on our job shadowing and taking the unit 2 exam. Many of us are very eager to shadow someone related to sports medicine. The professions vary from nurses, doctors, physical therapists, personal trainers, and more. We had lots of time to think about who to shadow, and how to find that person. Many girls found their person through internships, family members, or simply picking up a phone and calling a stranger. Fellow classmate Krystal Masis is eager to figure out what her future job could be and said, “I am looking forward to shadowing someone who has a career that I may be interested in one day.” Krystal and I are shadowing the same personal trainer, Monica Ehlers. Another classmate Olivia Geronimo is also interviewing a personal trainer, and she describes her hopes of her interview as, “I’m so excited about learning about what a personal trainer…

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