Week 9.21.15 Agenda

This school year, each of my Sports Medicine students will be given the opportunity to share what is going on in our class through this class blog. Each student maintains their own website where they publish lab work, projects and blog posts. On their assigned week, they will share out to our readers what they experienced that week in (or outside) our class. Since Sports Medicine is a blended course, part online and part in class lab, you will get a glimpse into both sides of this course. We hope you enjoy!

Cameo Blogger

Mia C. ~ I met our very first cameo class blogger, Mia, as her Biology teacher two years ago and it is so wonderful to have her as a student again! While soft spoken, Mia is determined and well organized. She always clearly articulates her thoughts and is an outstanding student. Please check out her ‘run down’ of our class last week and feel free to comment on her website!

Sports Medicine

During the week of September 21st, we covered information on anatomical terms and the human anatomy.  We were given a few websites to learn these concepts.  One of the websites is very interactive and explains the concepts in a straight-forward, effortless way.  The other website helps us to drill the concepts into our minds.  We were also given a few quizzes, such as a multiple choice quiz, listing systems of the human body, and anatomical directional terms, to drill these concepts into our minds so we will remember them.

On September 22nd, we performed our first lab!  The lab was on homeostasis, which is, according to Encyclopaedia Britannica, a system that helps maintain stability and equilibrium of the internal conditions of the body, while external conditions, such as exercise, are conflicting them.

This experiment was done in groups of 3-4. One student from the group had…

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