Fungus Fair!

The Biology students were given the opportunity to participate in Notre Dame’s 19th Annual Fungus Fair this past week.  Students were asked to find a specimen from the Kingdom Fungi, identify their specimen using provided resources and present their findings to the class.  This is one of my favorite projects of the year for a couple reasons…number one being I am a fungus fanatic!

Here are a couple specimens students brought in:


We also had Dr. Hegarty as an impromptu guest lecturer!  While researching her specimen, one student found that if her mushroom’s cap was exposed to Potassium Hydroxide, it should turn a yellowish color.  I knew just who to ask to test this hypothesis in front of the class.

Dr. Hegarty used a couple different solutions and we were able to get a slight reaction on part of the cap. It’s always a good day when Biology and Chemistry join forces!

Take a moment today to notice the 

Fungus Among Us!