Pie Ranch Field Trip 2016

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My Sports Medicine class had the pleasure of visiting Pie Ranch in Pescadero, Ca. While it was a bit of a harrowing trip down there (BIG storm, downed trees, overturned cars…), the rain didn’t put a damper on our experience. There is an amazing operation happening on this farm and I highly suggest visiting to hear about all the amazing programs offered! Pie Ranch is not only doing a lot of good in the community, but they are a picture of sustainability, community and education. Oh and the pie is delicious! Hear more about their mission here.

The purpose of our visit was to kick start our unit and semester project on nutrition.  Alex Villegas (Youth Programs Manager) guided us through the property and educated students on the inner-workings of the farm. Students got the whole farm-to-table experience and even did a little cooking of their own! Check out the video below of David Stockhausen (Culinary Arts Program Manager and Chef Educator) showing the students how to put together their empanadas (with 99% of the ingredients coming from the farm!):

The Sports Medicine students created 90 second videos to share their experiences at Pie Ranch. I invite you to view their videos (links below) and comment on their websites!

Student Videos
Juliana B.
  Olivia G.  Sofia B.  Kaitlyn O.  Mia C.  Krystal M.  Mavis L.  Meaghan U.  Tiffany E.