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This week’s Cameo Blog Post is from Juliana B.! Juliana’s recap of our week includes a Neurotransmitter Lab (gone wrong…) and info about our current design thinking project on concussions in youth sports – she has a fantastic idea!  Please check out her overview of our class last week and feel free to comment on her website!

Sports Medicine

During the week of February 22-March 1 my class focused on our neurotransmitter lab and our design thinking projects on concussions. During our class on Tuesday, we were planning on completing our neurotransmitter labs however we could not get the technology to cooperate. Even though we could not do the labs ourselves I gained some valuable knowledge. I learned that tThe agonist is the muscle that contracts and causes movement, while the antagonist is the one that relaxes.I also earned that your triceps and biceps can either be the antagonist or the agonist depending on how you move your arm. For example, during a pushup, when you are pushing up your bicep is the antagonist, while your triceps are the agonists. However when you push down during a push up it is the other way around, your bicep is the agonist and your triceps are the antagonists.

The next big…

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Sneak Peak into Sports Med

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This week’s Cameo Blog Post is from Olivia G.! Olivia’s recap of our week includes a Sensory Touch lab, info about the brain and continued work the Semester Project on nutrition.  Please check out her overview of our class last week and feel free to comment on her website!


This week was awesome because we actually got to meet twice! We continued and actually tested our Sensory Touch Lab. This lab was extremely fun, and it definitely taught me something new. For example, I learned that sensory receptors actually existed! I can not believe how many times I did not feel a paper clip touch my hand!

IMG_2120Krystal being a great partner during our lab this week!

Learning about the brain was also another topic that we learned about! I believe that the brain is the most intriguing and fascinating part of the body to learn about. It is amazing that all of these regions of the brain can control every little movement, capture every memory, and control our feelings is crazy to think about!

We also did some research on concussions in youth sports. This was very interesting because concussions are very popular in this generation of athletes…

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Class Blog Cameo Semester 2

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This week’s Cameo Blog Post is from Krystal M.! Krystal fills you in on our new unit and a Sensory Lab we performed this week. Please check out her overview of our class last week and feel free to comment on her website!

Krystal's Sports Med Discoveries

This week in Sports Med, we covered many topics about the nervous system and some about our body senses. We also continued to work on our project this semester about nutrition.

We learned about the different parts that make up our nervous system. I found it very interesting to discover that the brain, the spinal cord, and peripheral nerve all belong to the nervous system. From there, we learned about all the different and complex part that make up those three main sections of the nervous system. We completed a homework assignment that tested us on labeling a diagram of the Neuron and later completed a quiz on this same subject.

Also this week, we began reading about a lab we would be completing the next week in sports med. We finished the pre-lab assignment about the different senses in our body. We had to make a prediction on what we think…

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Class Cameo 1.25.16-2.2.16

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Last week’s Cameo Blog Post is from Mia C.! Mia covers the basics of the Nervous System and touches on two topics we covered; the first full-time female NFL coach and the connection between exercise and brain health. Please check out her overview of our class last week and feel free to comment on her website!

Sports Medicine

Hello all! It’s my turn to be updating you all during the week of January 25th, 2016. Although we did not have a class meeting this week, we did cover a lot of information. We just wrapped up chapter 5, which was all about the digestive system and we also learned about nutrition, as well. Heading into chapter 6, we started learning about the nervous system and the brain! We just started covering the basics of the nervous system with this concept map:


We also read an article, “Is the NFL’s First Female Coach a Game-Changer?”, and it was about the Buffalo Bills have hired the first full-time female coach in NFL history, who is Kathryn Smith. You can read more about the article here.

I think it is definitely a game changer because this allows for true diversity in our society and shows that females…

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Pie Ranch Field Trip 2016

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My Sports Medicine class had the pleasure of visiting Pie Ranch in Pescadero, Ca. While it was a bit of a harrowing trip down there (BIG storm, downed trees, overturned cars…), the rain didn’t put a damper on our experience. There is an amazing operation happening on this farm and I highly suggest visiting to hear about all the amazing programs offered! Pie Ranch is not only doing a lot of good in the community, but they are a picture of sustainability, community and education. Oh and the pie is delicious! Hear more about their mission here.

The purpose of our visit was to kick start our unit and semester project on nutrition.  Alex Villegas (Youth Programs Manager) guided us through the property and educated students on the inner-workings of the farm. Students got the whole farm-to-table experience and even did a little cooking of their own! Check out the video below of David Stockhausen (Culinary Arts Program Manager and Chef Educator) showing the students how to put together their empanadas (with 99% of the ingredients coming from the farm!):

The Sports Medicine students created 90 second videos to share their experiences at Pie Ranch. I invite you to view their videos (links below) and comment on their websites!

Student Videos
Juliana B.
  Olivia G.  Sofia B.  Kaitlyn O.  Mia C.  Krystal M.  Mavis L.  Meaghan U.  Tiffany E.


Class Cameo

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We are starting of this semester’s Cameo Blog Posts with one from Meaghan U.! Meaghan has a deep interest in nutrition and gives a recap of the beginning of our Nutrition Unit. Please check out her overview of our class last week and feel free to comment on her website!


We have officially finished the first 2 weeks back of school! Time really flies.

2nd semester of sports medicine is off to a great start and it looks to be even more interesting than the previous section. Our teacher, Mrs. Kahn, kickstarted the semester off with a unit about nutrition. I was so excited to learn about this topic! This is actually the topic that drove me to initially want to take this course. I really want to learn more about nutrition and what is healthy to put into my body. I have been getting into food and nutrition a lot more lately in my daily life. I even helped my grandpa cook thanksgiving dinner! (picture below)


This week we focused a lot on carbohydrates. We learned what they are, where they can be found, and if they are healthy for our body. We learned that anything that has any…

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“Tell us how you have transformed your practice…”



Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.43.34 AM

I am taking a stab at the Google Certified Innovator application and one of the prompts inspired me to write about how I have transformed my practice in recent years.  While this is a loaded question and I could go on for days, I wanted to share my quick response (restricted to 1,000 characters – lucky you!). It doesn’t got into specifics, but I share how focusing on integrating technology in a meaningful way into my curriculum has changed my overall view on what it means to be a teacher.  It also credits my fabulous colleague, Rebecca Girard, for getting me started down this path…


Rebecca Girard and Myself

“I refer to my colleague, Rebecca Girard, as my EdTech Sensei. Three years ago she encouraged me to dive into the wonderful world of integration of meaningful technology into my curriculum. Since then, I have been engrossed in all things EdTech and inspired by the large community of teachers who work everyday to improve their students’ school experience. This couldn’t have come at a better time as I was right around the teacher ‘5 year itch’. I was in need of some inspiration and reinvigoration of my practice. I have never been so inspired and passionate about what I do than I am today. Since then, I have approached my teaching and classroom through a different lens. While content knowledge is still very important to me, my number one priority it to best prepare my students for college and beyond – for the careers that don’t exist yet. A wonderful side-effect of this change in direction is that I have a lot more compassion and empathy towards my students and their individual strengths”

Class Blog (Nov 30-Dec 8)

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This week’s cameo blogger is Juliana B.!  It has been wonderful having Juliana as a student again and seeing how much she has grown as a student in just two years.  Juliana’s cameo blog talks about our recent investigation of heart disease in women, be sure to check out her investigation on smoking and heart disease in her Heart Disease Project post as well! She also discusses the culmination of our semester project on occupations related to Sports Medicine. Please check out her overview of our class last week and feel free to comment on her website!

Sports Medicine

This week (November 30-December 8) we had one class meeting. During the class meeting on December 1, we did peer reviews on our Heart Disease Project. We reviewed two of our classmates projects by filling out a rubric for their project and giving them constructive comments. It was helpful to have another person look at my project and give me some advice. I also thought it was fun to see my classmates ideas. Both of the people’s blogs that I reviewed were super good, and I learned a lot!

IMG_2564 the rubric we used during the peer edit

After the peer review, Mrs. Kahn explained what our final project for the semester would be. Our final projects are based on our job shadowing experience. We have to create a presentation that describes the job we shadowed in detail so that others can get a good idea of what the job…

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Class Cameo 11/16

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This week’s cameo blogger is Sophia B.!  I’m happy to have Sophia as a student again and I think Sports Medicine is a great fit for her.  Not only is she an athlete, but she also thinks she may want to study nursing.  Sophia’s cameo blog talks about our recent investigation of heart disease in women, be sure to check out her Heart Disease Project post as well! Please check out her overview of our class last week and feel free to comment on her website!


This week in my sports medicine class we have been learning about heart disease, specifically in women’s heart disease. We earned about the causes, risk factors, and the various ways to improve heart disease. Later in the week we created a Heart Disease PSA and project in our individual groups. I really enjoyed learning about this topic because it affects me as a female and is important to know about as it pertains to my own health.

Here is a current event about women’s heart disease.

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