I HEART Sports Med!

Cameo Blogger

This week’s cameo blogger is Olivia G.!  I have the pleasure of teaching Olivia for the second time as she is one of my past Biology students… when we reviewed the cell, she made me very proud with how much she remembered! Olivia brings a lot of relevant information to our Sports Medicine class since she is an athlete herself (check out her post on artificial turf!).  Please check out her overview of our class last week and feel free to comment on her website!


As weeks have gone by in Sports Med, and learning more and more about the body and how it works, I believe by far learning about the heart was the most interesting section! We learned about how a lot of aspects of our daily lives and how our daily activities can largely affect our heart health! Many aspects such as diet, diabetes, and smoking can largely affect our hearts, and its ability to do its job!


Also, I finally learned what the numbers from our blood pressure readings actually mean!


The class got to read a case study about a retired couple, and their heart complications. Seeing all of their daily habits and test results gave us an insight about how what we do can really affect our health, and inspires me to really take care of myself, especially when I am older! (which is a long ways away ;))

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