Erin Kahn

Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge – Carl Sagan

I have been teaching high school science for 9 years now, with the last 7 at Notre Dame High School in Belmont. Up to this point I have taught Earth/Physical Science, Biology/Honors Biology, and Sports Medicine. I’m happy to say that the initial enthusiasm I felt while becoming a teacher has only grown each year. I find motivation to continually improve as a teacher from my students and fabulous colleagues. In the last few years I have opened my eyes to this wonderful world of integration of meaningful technology into my curriculum. I have learned so much and I’m hungry for more! I am embarking on a new journey as an ‘expert’ educator in the AltSchool system.

When I’m not in the classroom you can find me outdoors with my husband and two boys, Oak and Alder…running, skiing, hiking, rock climbing, etc!

Follow/Contact me on Twitter @EduEkahn
Conference Presentations can be found at Ed Tech Instigators

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